Kapz - Custom Headset Caps

When it comes to custom bike products you can’t get more custom than a custom headset cap from Kapz!

There are a few ways to go about it:

  • Send them a drawing of what you would like and they will computerise it and bring it to live
  • Send them your custom cap ready for making
  • Lastly you can use their online software linked below to design your cap!

It couldn’t be easier or more custom, use your imagination or keep it simple its really up to you.

You can even design your own on their website here!


No only is this company great at being custom but also the products are extremely well made, the service is great and the delivery is fantastic, what more could you want!

If you don’t believe us then just click check out their 16,700+ likes and 4.9 out of 5 stars from 328+ reviews!


On top of all the above the great price is just the cherry on the cake!

It’s a great present or stocking filler for any keen cyclist or just to add that little custom edge to your bike to show off.

You can see and purchase the TotalMTB bikestem caps here.


Please take a closer look at the product range and the great company here.


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