IMBI Bike Saver

I know most mountain bikers’ bikes are there pride and joys and if they would to damage their bikes off the trail while not been ridden they would not be very happy at all.

The Imbi Bike Saver is another fantastic product that saves the unnecessary and very annoying scratches, scuffs and dents while transporting your bike to and from the trail.

If your bike is alone on the bike rack/in your boot or there are several the Imbi Bike Saver is a great little investment that saves you from worrying or trying to come up with other solutions yourself to stop unwanted damage.

It is very well made, easy to use and protects your bike, they are a bikes best friend while being transported.

You can view and purchase the Imbi bike saver here.


Further Info:

First of it’s kind. A product that protects your bike from damage in transit on a bike rack…. unless you really want to use a pool noodle 😉

Sold two in a pack.

  • Innovative Design
  • Protects your Bikes
  • Super Shock Absorbent
  • Fits all Bikes
  • Adjustable Buffer Space
  • Made of Highest Quality Durable Silicone
  • Will not be Lost in Transit
  • Invented in Africa for African Roads
  • Registered Design
  • Patented Design