Hiplok: Ankr and Homie

Security for your pride and joy.

Hiplok are well known for their portable locks – wearable and highly functional – but I didn’t realise they also made home security solutions. That’s what the Ankr and Homie are: high quality home locks and anchors for your bike. The chain, Homie, is a monster. It’s well engineered and, aside from weighing a lot, certainly feels like it would be more than a nuisance to cut. The Ankr is a wall secured point in which the Homie can fit. As I’ve come to expect from Hiplok, it’s also well engineered and has more than enough screws to sink into a wall to prevent it being pulled off.

When the package arrived, it was clear that I was looking at high quality gear. The weight alone told me that the Ankr+ package was going to be a formidable opponent to any would-be-thief. Made from hardened steel and gold rated, the Homie is a 10mm chain with a 12mm shackle. The lock comes with 3 coded keys so that I’ve always got one handy. It’s more than long enough at 1.5 meters and I actually can lock both my gravel bike and my mountain bike at the same time. As a user of wall anchors and chains already, I was pleasantly surprised with the extra bulk of the Homie in comparison with a well-known rival brand. Because of it’s size and weight, it certainly seems like the better of my two options despite both being rated as gold safety chains.

The Ankr part of the package is a nicely designed bit of kit. Its rubber cap over the end finishes the product nicely and, for something that’ll be poking out of your wall for a long time, it’s not bad looking at all. More importantly, it’s a diamond rated bit of kit meaning it’s reaching the maximum standard of security. Of course, once fitted, I did my usual test of hanging from the wall trying to remove it by force as well as smacking it with a mallet. Neither budged it from its fixings (I used all four screws as recommended for brick walls).

With the clear wins of security and looks, you might be asking “but, Lew, what are the downsides?” Honestly, not a lot. The screws which come with the Ankr part of the package are 9mm long and beefy. They need a 6mm drill bit which, with a cheap set, won’t be 9mm long. Keep that in mind ready for fitting as you’ll need to make sure the pre-drilled holes are deep enough for the screws. That’s not really a con though, is it? I suppose, if I’m being picky, I’ve found that using the lock is a little bit of a faff one-handed. I’d love to have seen one end of the chain be slightly smaller than the other as to push it through a link and be able to fasten the lock whilst still holding the chain. As it is, you pop the lock through one side then the other before fastening. Again, not an issue of security, rather a minor tweak for usability.

Overall, I’m really impressed with Hiplock’s offering and would very much recommend to anyone looking for that extra peace of mind when storing their bikes.

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Full Spec (Homie):

  • Maximum Security Stay-At-Home Chain Lock
  • 1.5m Locking Length
  • Premium hardened steel: 12mm shackle. 10mm chain.
  • 3 Coded Replaceable Keys
  • Wall Hook Included
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight: 4.3kg

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Review written by: Lew – #TotalMTB Photography and Videography
Instagram: @Pedal_Slip
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