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GripGrab - Vertical Gloves

InsideGrip Technology – Most gloves focus on the outside of the hand that connects with the grip but when on bumpy and fast rides this doesn’t stop your hand from moving around in the glove and in some cases this has actually stopped riders from wearing gloves!

With the new InsideGrip Technology it eliminates any chance of the hand slipping inside the glove as it has silicon inside the glove, until you actually try these gloves on you don’t realise just how effective this is, it is pretty incredible.

Read more about the InsideGrip Technology here.

Silicon Finger Tips – As well as having silicon on the inside for your hands and fingers to stay exactly where you need them GripGrab have also put silicon on the main gears and brake fingers so you can be extremely confident your fingers are in the right place and ready to change gear or brake in seconds.

Cuff – The way the glove fits is so tight and snug to your hand which is helped by the cuff as theres no chance of it slipping off in the middle of a ride, but yet they’re still easy to put on and off.

Grip – Because grips have evolved so much GripGrab have put less attention on grip on the outside of the glove especially the palm area as the grips are so good you don’t need the extra grip on your gloves but after your gloves have been exposed to the high levels of friction from a long, fast and bumpy ride the glove needs to be tough. With the Suede they have used this solves the problem as its tough and durable while still being comfy.

Rugged Mesh Back – Another reason why riders sometimes don’t like wearing gloves especially full finger gloves is that your fingers and hands get so hot and sweaty and its just uncomfortable and of course this is not good with the most important part of riding. But with the rugged mesh back of the glove it creates a simple yet effective breathable section in which keeps your hands and fingers cool so you can go out riding with full grip and more comfort so much so that you totally forget you are wearing gloves. This of course massively helps on the warmer days (which I won’t experience many of living in the UK).

Sweat Wipes – Just when you thought GripGrab couldn’t think of anymore features they introduce sweat wipe material into the gloves so when out on a ride you can quickly and easily remove the sweat from you face with the sweat wipe on the inside of your thumb!

Look – After all the above the gloves still look great while riding or stationery, as you can see you can get them in grey and black or orange and black.

Awards – award winning innovation, the InsideGrip innovation represents a novel invention that dramatically improves the grip of gloves and has the potential to set new industry standards for the approach to creating grip as well as the overall degree of grip you can achieve in a glove.
ISPO Award 2017 / EUROBIKE Award 2016

InsideGrip Technology
Sweat Wiper
Silicon finger tips
Palm: AX Suede
Back: Rugged mesh
Zero padding
Reflective Logos

You can view and purchase the Vertical gloves here.


Machine Wash With Like Colours. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Tumble Dry.
Do not iron. Do not dry-clean. Do not wring.

50% Polyamide
40% Polyester
10% Elastane


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