IGL Coatings – Ecocoat Bike


Our unique and ground breaking coating specially designed for road, race and mountain bikes, even tandems! Each box contains the following:

  • 10ml Bike Coating
  • 60ml Precoat surface preparation solution
  • 60ml Air
  • 2 x coating wands (for applying coating in hard to reach areas)

How to use:

Ecocoat bike can be applied directly onto various surfaces including paint, metal, Titanium, Carbon Fibre and plastics (vinyl included). This means that your entire frame, wheel and components (except rubber) will be protected from harsh elements while keeping your bike easy to clean and maintain. Our coating can also be applied to both high gloss and matte paint finishes.

  • Clean & degrease all surface before coating.
  • Coat only parts which are metal, titanium, aluminium, carbon fibre, plastic and vinyl.
  • Leave to dry 2-4 hours.