Lixada Helmet

You can’t really go wrong with this helmet, it does exactly what you need it to when it comes to bangs and crashes if you’re unfortunate enough to have one (but are common in MTB) as it’s strong and sturdy.

It fits well on your head and keeps your head cool and not as sweaty due to the 13 ventilation holes which let air rush through as you’re biking.

As with the Miloto jersey from CyclerKit this helmet comes in 10 different styles and colour variations so you can pick to suit for the whole gang.

It looks very cool and sleek but also has a nice little added feature of padding on the strap under your chin which even though is small it’s so effective.
If you do have more than one helmet you could transfer it to which ever helmet you’re wearing that particular ride.

Please take a closer look at the helmet here.



  • Professional Cycling Helmet Design – This basic bicycle helmet has been created with state of the art materials and design technology to ensure excellent ventilation, insulation, and resistance.
  • Ventilated Channel System with 13 Vents – The elegant cycling helmet is built with a cutting-edge ventilation channel system design with 13 intuitive vents constantly maintaining airflow to keep your head cool.
  • Shock Absorbent Inner Padding – A removable shock-absorbent inner padding has been added to the helmet to act as a buffer for mountain terrains and accident-prone trails. The inner padding is also very useful as it actively absorbs sweat, so you ride unhindered.
  • Visor for Eye Protection – A resilient visor is hosted on the front of the helmet to secure your eyes from the sun, mud, gravel, and tree branches.
  • Material – The integral moulded EPS impact foam is covered by a sturdy Polycarbonate exterior. The EPS foam is specifically included to provide resistance to shocks, enhance comfort, and soak excessive sweat. The exterior shell is shockproof, provides active insulation, and is highly resistant to heat & water.


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