Bike Computer

The Beeline is a product like nothing I have seen before, but has so many great features with the main feature being navigation.

Using your phones Bluetooth you can either have turn by turn directions or a compass mode so you can see which direction your destination is but you have freedom of how you get there.

It also has the other more common features of a bike computer like speedo and clock.

What I like about the Beeline is that yes the technology is great but that haven’t stopped there they have also put a lot of thought into the way it attaches to your bike.
You can simple and securely fit it to your bike and just as quickly remove it if you are leaving you bike somewhere so it doesn’t get stolen.

It connects with Strava and is such a small and sleek design that it easily fits in bag or pockets on your clothes while not on your bike.

Like any new products it does take a couple of rides to get used to but after that you will more than likely love it like the other 110 5star reviews it has!

Rain and water isn’t a problem as it is waterproof.

They have a long list of reviews from big companies including BBC, WIRED and Mashable which you can see here.

If thats not enough they have also won multiple design awards one of which being from Design Week as you can see here.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Speedo
  • Clock
  • 30 day battery life
  • Super sharp display
  • Fits any bike
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Bluetooth low energy

Please take a closer look the Beeline here.


Follow them on social media here:
Instagram: @RideBeeline
Twitter: @RideBeeline
Facebook: /RideBeeline
YouTube: Beeline

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