Love Mud Distortion Pedals

After reviewing quite a lot mountain bike components you start to see which you really like and would use yourself and recommend to friends and family over the others.

For me, the Love Mud Distortion pedals from Alpkit are the pedals I would choose for any bike and recommend to others and I’m really not lying about that as I currently have them on my Focus E-Bike and have got another pair ready to go on my Marin Alpine Trail 8 once it arrives!

I don’t there’s much not to love about these pedals, they look great, they’re light, strong and reliable.

I noticed quite an incredible difference when I recently paired the Love Mud pedals with the FiveTen Freerider Pro’s the grip was unbelievable, it was almost as like I have clips on so again for me they are perfect because I want the grip and control of my pedals without having to be clipped in.

After a few rides, I have noticed one small issue and that is that the black coating on the pedals comes off fairly easy to reveal the Aluminum underneath.

But for the price of £55 can you really grumble when the other pedals that perform and look as good as these require more dollar?!

Please take a closer look the Love Mud Distortion Pedals here.


Further Info

Rain falling, mud splattering… When it comes down to it, all you really want to power down hard without your feet slipping and sliding all over the place.

Love Mud Distortion is a tough, solid, high performance flat pedal that won’t let you down. These are our team favourites and the pedal that designer Neil Sutton raves about. Pedals that equal the best, it’s a large platform, thin profile pedal designed to be ridden hard in the worst conditions.

A CNC-machined, light and durable 6061 aluminium body takes use and abuse day-in, day-out. The Cromoly axle gives durability and strength that you can depend on.

Replaceable, double-sided (4.5/6.5 mm) steel pins are more than capable enough to take a beating on the trails without leaving you threading out the remnants with your pliers at the end of the day. Let’s face it, who wants that after a day round the trail?

Love Mud Distortion comes with 10 spare steel pins and a bottle of Thread lock. They require an 8mm hex bit to attach.

Key Features

  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  •  Grippy and durable flat MTB pedal
  •  Steel pins take abuse of the trail
  •  Low maintenance, long-life Igus top hat bushings
  •  Steel replaceable grip pins, double sided (4.5/6.5mm)
  •  Cromoly Axle
  •  Included: 10 spare pins and a bottle of Thread Lock
  •  Attaches with a 8mm hex bit


Body: 6061 aluminium, CNC-machined
Axle: Cromoly
Bearings: Igus custom moulded top hat bushings
Pins: Replaceable steel grip pins, double-sided (4.5/6.4 mm)


Weight: 150 g each (302 g per pair, without pins)
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 13 mm
Attach with 8 mm hex bit


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